Different colours of lab grown diamonds available in Hatton Garden, UK

Different colours of lab grown diamonds available in Hatton Garden, UK

Hatton Garden is the biggest jewellery hub in all of UK. It is situated in London and houses a number of brands and jewellery stores since decades. It is home to some of the most old and authentic lab grown diamond companies and is trusted by visitors and shoppers. The diamond stores here have maintained a loyal customer base, due to the amazing designs of diamond jewellery produced every year, competitive prices and the range of colours in lab grown diamonds. One can find the rarest of colours in diamonds in the Hatton Garden.

How are coloured diamonds formed?

Diamonds mainly contain carbon. Nearly all diamonds, both organic and lab grown have some impurities in them. They have different chemicals and elements of the period table mixed in small or large quantities that gives them the unique colour.

  • Blue diamonds

Among the fancy coloured diamonds, blue is a really rare colour. Blue diamonds are prized higher than the rest as well and Hatton Garden is proud of their collection blue diamonds for sale. The blue colour in these diamonds is due to the element Boron trapped in the diamond lattice. It creates a blue coloured centre which reflects all light except blue and so the diamond gets its blue colour. Difference stores have priced them differently in the market so for the price inquiry you will have to get in touch with the stores.

  • Yellow cushion cut diamond

The yellow diamond, specifically cushion cut is also available in Hatton Garden. The high carat diamond is also available in several other shapes and cutes such as baguette, oval, princess, emerald, etc. A regular transparent/white diamonds turns yellow after nitrogen has been introduced to it during the making process. The more the nitrogen, the darker the yellow hue is. 

  • Black diamond

If you think a black diamond suit and describes your personality the best, then Hatton Garden has it in store for you. Most people prefer a white diamond for Lab grown diamonds rings, but if you or your partner likes to do things differently, then a black diamond ring is a great idea to show the world you are out of the ordinary. Black diamonds are not found under the Earth so they are only lab grown. The colour is formed by adding excessive heat to the carbon particle to get the darker colour. Hatton Garden has an amazing collection of black diamond jewellery for the bold and adventurous wearer.

  • Purple Diamond

This one looks truly fancy and instantly catches the eye. You will get a lot of surprised looks when you tell them it’s not an imitation stone, but a real diamond. The purple colour of the diamond is obtained by exposing the particle to hydrogen and the longer the exposure, the deeper the colour.

We’ve only mentioned the really rare colours, and those that people usually buy from Hatton Garden here. But there are several more that you can find such as green, brown, pink, etc. This heart of UK’s jewellery market is literally spoilt for choice when it comes to Lab grown diamonds Hatton garden. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself then and prepare to be amazed.