Finding Narrow Blog Niche with Deep Keyword Analysis

Finding Narrow Blog Niche with Deep Keyword Analysis

If you’re starting a new blog and feel you’re the only unique person in the world who had that idea, you’re sadly mistaken. Millions of blogs are created every day. Millions of people post something to their blog on a daily basis in the hope that their content will be seen by a large segment of the audience.

The problem in content discovery, especially for blogs, is that there is already a lot of competition when it comes to traffic. The main source of traffic for most bloggers is a search engine like Google. For any search query, Google can display only ten websites amongst millions of other competing websites. Thus, it is a very real possibility that your website might not get the high ranking it is looking for. 

To avoid high competition, bloggers can instead choose to write content on a niche which is not very competitive. High competition means a high volume of traffic, the latter being a key reason why most bloggers target competitive topics. However, since scaling SERPs on how high competition topics is difficult, identifying a low competition narrow niche becomes necessary. 

In this article, we will discuss how a narrow blog niche can be found by deep keyword analysis. 

How to Grow a Narrow Blog Niche?

A narrow blog niche doesn’t necessarily mean that the traffic the blog gets also has to be small. Some narrow niche blogs get as much traffic if not more than broad niche blogs and websites. A narrow niche simply refers to a topic or keyword that is popular amongst the public but doesn’t get a lot of attention from bloggers. 

For example, if you want to start a blog on shoes, targetting keywords like ‘best sports shoes’ or ‘Adidas sneakers’ is futile. These keywords have a lot of competition from top websites. While the traffic these keywords get is very high, they are also competed for by global conglomerates. 

Instead, it is better to target a more niche category. ‘Cheap soccer shoes for kids’ is an interesting example. The niche is more narrow than typical mainstream keywords but gets a lot of traffic. If you can identify more narrow niche topics such as these, you can have a blog that targets all such topics and create a huge stream of traffic coming to your website. 

Finding Narrow Blog Niche with Deep Keyword Analysis

The key to finding a blog niche is identifying keywords and topics which have low competition and reasonably good search volume (over 1000 average monthly searches). Low competition and reasonably good search volume guarantee a steady stream of traffic coming to a website. The low competition also increases the chances of a blog ranking for the content quickly. 

In Conclusion

In this article, we studied how a deeper look at keyword research can help bloggers identify key blogging niches to target. 

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