Jason Wible Frenchcreek Briefly Talks About the Importance of Fall Protection Systems

Jason Wible Frenchcreek Briefly Talks About the Importance of Fall Protection Systems

Falls are among the most common causes of injury and even death of workers at a job site. Workers may fall from a roof, through an unguarded or even a step ladder. Hence, Jason Wible Frenchcreek points out that it is critical for workers to use proper fall protection equipment or systems to eliminate the hazards associated with working at heights. FrenchCreek Fall Safety offers an extensive range of world-class safety equipment to every corner of the United States. They are a top manufacturer of fall-arrest and rescue systems.

Jason Wible Frenchcreek lists the factors that make fall protection systems immensely important                                                                                                             

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear about instances in the construction industry where a worker gets severely injured after falling from a height. These mishaps are, however, preventable if people invest in the right safety equipment and gear. Fall protection systems are vital for any type of a professional who has to work at the height of six feet or more. There are many factors that make fall protection systems highly important, such as:

  • Prevent fatalities: The most obvious and important reason for using fall protection systems is to ensure workers’ safety. Falls have been known to be one of the leading causes of injury, trauma, hospital admissions and deaths in the construction industry. Just a single mishap can take a major toll on the independence and life of a worker. Hence, it is imperative to try and take steps to reduce the risks associated with falls, and use proper safety gear.
  • Work gets done faster: In addition to meaning grave liabilities for the employer, workplace accidents also set the work back a few days or even months. Moreover, grave workplace falls that injures a fellow worker can traumatize the ones witnessing the scene, and may impede their morale. This may cause workers to be less inclined to continue with their work. The productivity of the job suffers a lot if workers are discouraged. On the other hand, if workers have access to the right safety gear, they will be able to fully concentrate on their job, rather than worrying about falls.
  • Professionalism is developed: The use of right safety gear helps in developing and practicing professionalism at every job site. Jason Wible Frenchcreek mentions that fall protection gear manufactured by well-established companies are standardized with adherence to relevant protocols that help workers to function as a professional unit.  
  • Increases employer credibility: Most clients prefer hiring companies with a zero fatalities record. A fall prevention system not only protects the workers, but also benefits the employers in the long run by facilitating a reputation of professionalism and safety.

While being equipped with adequate fall prevention gear and tools helps in keeping workers safe, just buying these items is not enough. The workers would also have to be trained on the proper handling o and usage of the height safety equipment. This training will help them to become more competent in doing their job and keeping themselves safe.