Need For Powersports Battery Replacement Insurance

Need For Powersports Battery Replacement Insurance

A motorcycle is by far the most popular Powersport vehicle today. Indeed the youth love to speed on their motorbikes while accessing rough terrain. Sure, speeding is not an endorsed activity for you would not want to be involved in a mishap. Apart from cruising along n a newly bought motorcycle, it makes sense to think of ensuring its safety and longevity by buying the right Powersports battery replacement insurance coverage as soon as you purchase the vehicle. 

It is important to know that motorcycle insurance is mandated by law in most states across the USA. However, the comprehensive insurance policy will cover the repair and replacement of the vehicle as and when needed. What about the battery that happens to be a crucial component that drives the vehicle forward? No worries! Make sure to get in touch with a reputed dealer in your vicinity and request participation in the “Lifetime Battery Program” with the battery being covered for the lifetime of the vehicle. 

However, it is vital to check the condition of the battery when you purchase it to ensure that it will provide you with adequate mileage. Unfortunately, even the best batteries tend to wear out or be damaged when used extensively or over rough terrain. You must therefore be extremely careful about taking care of the motorcycle battery and ask for an immediate replacement when you notice any of the following signs:-

When should you claim the Powersports battery replacement insurance

  • Sulfation- It is advisable to run your motorcycle with the battery fully charged. Lack of charge is likely to result in sulfation with the plates being corroded before long. While you may try to reverse the process by charging the battery fully, failing to notice the issue may cause the battery to become damaged requiring immediate replacement.

  • Inability to Ignite– A failure to ignite your motorcycle is frustrating. Sure, there may be multiple reasons behind it but it is important to check the batteries first. A weak battery will not start the starter motor at all. Contact the dealer and request a replacement ASAP

  • Deformation– It is imperative to look at the batteries physically when you suspect them of damage. Any fissures, cracks, discoloration, or leakage is a clear indication of trouble. It is essential to stop using it immediately. Continuing to use a deformed battery may end up damaging your pricey motorcycle as well. So go ahead and get it replaced at the earliest!

  • Dim Headlights– You cannot afford to travel with the headlights dimming progressively. A fading horn is of no use, either. Your thoughts should go to your battery when you experience such problems. You may charge it more often to reverse such issues. However, charging will only be remedial when the battery is fairly new. Change it when you have been using an old battery. 

Being a part of the Lifetime Battery Program will provide you with a Powersports battery replacement insurance plan that is available at all the Powersports dealerships in your vicinity. You get to receive the required sum within minutes. That is a huge bonus!