Top 4 Tips of Creating an Online Course in 2021

Top 4 Tips of Creating an Online Course in 2021

Create and sell online courses is a challenge in itself. But, marketing is another ball game that you have to equally deal with. 

If you have created your online course website with the course platforms like Spayee, marketing will be a little smoother for you! The thing with online courses is that they won’t automatically come. The key to sell online course program is that the educator or institute must build its credibility first.

If you already have a marketing strategy drawn, here are the top 4 things you can look into, in order to generate best results.  

Pre Selling your online course

You can check the wikipedia page of the education industry of India how it is growing and help you to understand quickly. Many online courses programs to make the mistake of just launching their online courses. If it doesn’t perform well in the market, they withdraw & get disappointed.

The right way to go about it is to create a buzz around it first. 

Start to share the details of the course on your social media platforms. Create dedicated social media pages in order to create buzz around your online courses. There has to be a landing page as well. Start to dedicate a fraction of your newsletter in sharing the details about the online courses. 

When your online courses are just in the development stage, start to take early-bird signups by giving discounts to early consumers. 

By doing this, you would be successful in creating the buzz that you require in order to market your courses. This will help you sell your courses, as well as, gauge the reaction that’s valuable from your audience.  

Build A Sharper Focus

Another mistake that online educators make is that they create generalized content. Online courses creation is a crowded market. Hence, if you don’t create actionable & valuable content, you won’t stand out in the crowd. 

Hence, it completely makes sense to create an online course that people can understand easily. Hence, its imperative that your course has a sharper focus or niche. Otherwise, it might lose its credibility. People do want to learn from an authority figure who are expert in the topic & knows how to teach their audience. 

If you are launching your online courses through Spayee, combining your whole marketing effort under one umbrella is pretty simple & convenient.  

Price It Right

As it is with other online products, the price which is associated to the online courses in the market has greater influence over a prospect’s buying decision.

That being said, you need to price it affordably. You must also take into consideration the pricing structure of the courses of your customers. Make sure it justifies the value you are bringing to your learners.

Moreover, you should also keep in mind that people really don’t mind investing a little extra if they are interested in what you are selling. Hence, cheaper isn’t always good. 

Hence, it is highly recommended that you spend your time and efforts in creating a high-value masterpiece, which people are going to love. Invest heavily in its marketing, and then sell it for a price that justifies the value you are bringing to the table. 

Listen To Your Customers

Initially, grow by receiving and implementing the feedback that you receive. Take feedback seriously & emerge your course content like a pro. Be one hundred percent up for making your course the best version of itself. It will help you generate positive word-of-mouth about your course. And, that is super powerful.


If you try noticing a pattern among the tips, here is what you’ll find common among them, value. That means, in a way or other you must primarily focus on creating more value with ease. That’s the best USP you could ever create.