2020’s Top 5 CFD Bitcoin Brokers in the Market

2020’s Top 5 CFD Bitcoin Brokers in the Market

Ever heard of a CFD Bitcoin Broker? Looking into Bitcoin brokers can be very essential in your future prospects for investments since you are able to take chances in trading bitcoins and it enables you to take chances with its profits & risk without actually owning the coin. Short Selling can be utilized in Bitcoin CFD transactions and balance out potential losses in their portfolios or values that seem to be decreasing in the market today. When dealing with Bitcoin CFD brokers, you are able to have a monetary tool that will permit you to trade without actually owning it. You as a trader will be able to speculate on the increasing or decreasing values of your Bitcoin.

But first, what is trading CFD?

Contract for Difference or CFD, is a type of trading that enables you to make transactions based on the changes on the value of the resources you are speculating without owning it. The key advantage to getting into CFD trading is generating a lot of profit from the changes in the resource’s values without actually physically owning anything that you were trading. Just from its name itself, Contract for Difference, pertains to the difference or gap between the values where the traders would start and end their transaction. It is highly suggested that modern traders get into CFD trading cryptocurrency as it offers margins that opens doors to potential traders looking to expand leverages. 

The following are the best CFD Bitcoin brokers for 2020:


You have probably been familiar with eToro’s ads on certain streaming platforms. And most people would immediately remember the company. It actually is, as advertised, one of the best brokers around, most especially  for Bitcoin CFD trading. Currently operating on their 10th year, it is safe to assume that this Israel based company is as legit as they can come boasting at least five million clients all over the globe. Bad news if you are in the US as it is not allowed for crypto brokers to operate due to certain limitations in the administrative side of the government but most likely, eToro is able to serve you if you are based elsewhere.You are immediately able to conduct your Bitcoin CFD trading as soon as you sign up just by utilizing either ACH, Mastercard, wire transfers or even PayPal.


Competence and reliability is one of the reasons a lot of brokers choose to sign up with SimpleFX for their CFD cryptocurrency transactions. Not only does SimpleFx enable its clients to trade CFDs from Bitcoins, they are also able to do this with valuable metals, indices, energy and Litecoins. With SimpleFX, you are able to pick any app for your smartphone ,computer or tablets to be able to continue your transactions without being limited to an office or indoor setting as you can complete your trades anywhere and everywhere. With the nature of deposits, SimpleFX is able to utlize different systems such as Skrill, FastPay, Cryptocurrencies and Neteller. 


Wouldn’t you love to be able to continue trading CFDs without being engulfed with the worry of staying liquid as you pursue this financial endeavor? PrimeXBT is one of those brokers that are the forefront of putting your mind at ease as you continue this venture. Compared to past years of operation, they have increased their company from last year and become one of the go to brokers for traders young and old. Boasting at least 30 (or even more) resources for you to trade such as Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum and many many more. Definitely one of the fastest rising brokers that are legitimate and very reliable. 


Serving many traders since 2006, Ava trade has instantly become one of the ideal and leading brokers for Bitcoin and CFDs today thanks to its developed and reliable exchanging tools and features. HIghly regarded as one of the purveyors when it comes to Bitcoin CFDs and has expanded their company over the years. If legitimacy or stability is one of your concerns (which it should), they are located in Ireland where they are highly regulated by the national bank of Ireland. That alone should at least take away most of your concerns when it comes to choosing the right broker for Bitcoin CFDs


One of the leading CFD brokers in the market today, allows you to trade stocks, commodities and most especially, cryptocurrency CFDs. They are very highly regarded in Europe and have been serving their clients as far as 2009. Novice traders are able to trust Plus500 off the bat given it is a FCA regulated company and is even listed in the London Stock Exchange. So if its cryptocurrency trading is the main interest for you as a trader, you can expect this company for total stability and security.