Everything You Need To Know About Major Currencies in the Forex Market

Everything You Need To Know About Major Currencies in the Forex Market

What is being traded in the Forex? This is a common question with an obvious answer. Currencies are being traded-in Forex but you are not buying anything. This concept is a bit confusing but you need to know and understand these basic things before getting into the trading game.

Think of Forex as buying a share from a certain company. Most of the time, the currency’s price is the direct reflection of the opinion of the market when it comes to the current and future health of the economy. When you trade forex, you buy a currency, for instance, the United States dollar, you are actually purchasing a “share” of the United States economy. You are actually betting that the economy of the United States will do well and will be doing well for the next years to come.

By the time you sell those “shares” to the market, you are hoping to get some profit out of it. So, generally speaking, the exchange rate of one country versus the other reflects the condition of their economy. Always remember to use reliable trading indicators like Parabolic SAR to determine the movement of currencies in the market. 

Major Currencies

There are potentially a good number of “major currencies” that you can trade in the Forex market. These major currencies are the most traded since they belong to the world’s largest economies. But then, Forex traders tend to choose their own “major currencies” based on their bias. But probably, these four currencies are the most preferred ones – USD, JPY, EUR, CHF, and GBP. While commodity currencies are CAD, AUD, and NZD.

Here are the most traded currencies in Forex trading with their code, country, currency, and nickname.


Country – United States

Currency – Dollar

Nickname – Buck 


Country – Eurozone

Currency – Euro

Nickname – Fiber


Country – Japan

Currency – Yen

Nickname – Yen


Country – Great Britain

Currency – Pound

Nickname – Cable


Country – Switzerland

Currency – Franc

Nickname – Swissy


Country – Canada

Currency – Dollar

Nickname – Loonie


Country – Australia

Currency – Dollar

Nickname – Aussie


Country – New Zealand

Currency – Dollar

Nickname – Kiwi

Currency symbols are mainly composed of three letters, the first two letters are from the name of their country while the third letter is the currency of their country. These three letters of your currency are called ISO 4217 Currency Codes. In 1973, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established these codes for currencies that are being used nowadays.

Since USD has been very popular in the Forex market, it was given other nicknames aside from “buck”. It is also called cash money, greenbacks, dead presidents, bones, moolah, benjis, bread, benjamins, cheese, cheddar, scrilla, paper, and loot.

For so many years, the Forex market has been considered as a global market where two currencies can be traded against one another. If you predict that one currency can become stronger than the other, then your predictions end up correct, you can make some profit. This is what happens when you trade forex. It is global and a market where the different currencies of the world change hands. So, to make a profit in FX trading, one must predict the movement of the currency through the use of indicators like Parabolic SAR.