Important Tips For Choosing A Dog Boarding Facility

Important Tips For Choosing A Dog Boarding Facility

Choosing a boarding facility Healthy Hound Play Ground Silver Spring for your pet can feel more stressful than planning your own vacation! Whenever you can’t take your pup along and want to go the boarding facility route, how will you decide which facility could be the best fit for your dog? Dogs who are social, don’t have separation anxiety, and love to meet new people and dogs may also be happier in a boarding facility than being left aware of a pet sitter. Taking a while to interview and tour a few different boarding facilities is the ultimate way to determine where your pet will have the most fun on his “vacation!”

Size and Staffing Ratio Ask the facility about the number of dogs that they generally care for every day in boarding and daycare. How many kennels are filled on most days? Some states have regulations in place for the staffing ratio required at doggie daycares or boarding facilities to ensure that dogs are given the best care and supervised for safety. Dogs are pack animals, so in case a fight breaks out in a play group, other dogs may jump into the action. It’s important to have sufficient staff to monitor dogs to ensure that the staff can intervene immediately regarding a dog disagreement. It’s also important for a facility to either have a trainer on site or have previously educated employees how and when to intervene in a rough play situation.

Safety What exactly are the security standards established at the facility? Is there double gates; safe, tall fencing; or other features to make sure that your dog can’t get loose? Do they keep collars/tags on dogs or are those collars and tags removed to prevent potential injuries and entanglement? Consider microchipping your pup before boarding to ensure that he can be found should he stage a getaway.

It’s also smart to discuss when there is an employee member who remains overnight with dogs to monitor them for emergencies or a “night walker.” If no person stays overnight, when is the last time that dogs will venture out for bathroom breaks? Is there security camera systems, secure locks or other preventions in place to protect the facility?

Sanitation Schedule While you visit for a tour you’ll be capable of geting a good look at the cleanliness and sanitation standards of the kennel. While there’s bound to be dirt and hair, staff can let you know their cleaning process including when and exactly how often kennels and play areas are sanitized. You don’t want to board your dog in a location that doesn’t sanitize kennels between dogs as it’s possible your dog could pick up something, such as a bacterial or viral infection, from the last dog who stayed there. In the event the facility has the aroma of urine or feces, consider going to another boarding facility as it’s clear that dogs are not discrete frequently enough never to soil their kennels as of this location.

Everyday Kennel Environment What’s the temperature within the kennel and could it be maintained at a specific temperature each day and night? If dogs have access to outdoor play areas, are there rules regarding weather or temperatures to ensure dogs don’t go outside to play when it is too hot or too cold?

How loud are the kennels? While some barking (especially in play rooms) is usual, you don’t want your dog to come in contact with 24/7 barking. This can stress your pet out preventing him from sleeping and having a good time.

Emergency Procedures Ask if there is a veterinarian on site to look after dogs who could become sick or looking for emergency treatment during their stay. If not, what exactly are the facility’s procedures on getting a dog emergency health care?

Additional Amenities Increasingly, boarding facilities are offering more amenities because of their four-legged guests. From TVs in kennels, period to play in a pool, or scheduled story times can be purchased in some facilities. Will you be enthusiastic about a 24/7 camera in your dog’s kennel so that you can check-in? Would you like him to be groomed before you select him up? Decide if your pet wants an extravagance package along with his boarding or if he’ll be happy with a few scheduled play groups. Knowing what you would like the boarding facility to offer in terms of amenities can help whittle down your options of facilities you will need to interview and tour.

Options for Exercise Every boarding facility has different options for how their dogs get exercise. Sometimes you can make to pay more to increase the duration or frequency of exercise, nevertheless, you should make sure that your dog will have satisfactory bathroom breaks and human interaction. Ask when and exactly how often dogs are removed from their individual kennels.

What exactly are the standards for play groups? Do dogs have to pass a temperament test before they’re allowed into a play group for safety? Is it possible to request individual playtime with an employee member if your pet isn’t great in the “dog-park” style play environment?

Feeding Generally boarding facilities require that dogs include their own food pre-bagged for feeding. If your pet needs special medications in his food, ensure that the facility provides this medication. Inquire about enough time of day that your dog will be fed and try to slowly move your feeding time at home nearer to their schedule in the week before you board your pet.