Memories in a Photograph

Memories in a Photograph

Photos are the most used tool to preserve memories. You feel good every time you go through an event you attended, a party you held, a loved one who you miss so much. The joy it gives you makes you want to relive the moments all over. Therefore, it is everyone’s wish to have a unique and quality way to preserve their photos. Mixbook has the tools you need to create the best photo book just for that. Mixbook is ready to put a smile on your face whenever you hold your photo book. Ranging from custom designs to trendy finishes, they have many varieties for you. Below are some of them.

Holiday photo books

Every season provides different experiences. To some people, each season means a new destination for the holidays. These new experiences can become treasured memories when you are using Mixbook’s holiday templates to create your perfect photo book. It has epic designs for you to choose from and amazing backgrounds to match every place you visit. Sometimes, you may need to commemorate the time your relatives visited, or you went upcountry and played with the horses. For every holiday moment you have, Mixbook has the perfect way for you to keep the memories.

Family photo book

Mixbook understands that there is nothing more important than family. You would want to have your family in a nice photo book that has a long-lasting quality and spreads the mood of love and togetherness. Mixbook lets you start the journey with them as they help you design your own photo book from thousands of amazing templates that they have. You can pick how your book will appear and are guaranteed to get exactly what you ask for. You can choose between hardcover or softcover and a variety of orientations like landscape and portrait. With Mixbook, you can build and design your book just how you like it.

Year in Review

There is no better way to preserve your best moments of the year than to have a custom year-in-review photo book from Mixbook. Maybe you had a milestone that you crossed that year, a special family reunion, you finally opened your business, or many other great things that happened to you. The photos you took to commemorate the experiences would need to have attractive storage to show them off with pride. Using the Mixbook app, you upload your photos to ensure that what you get as a final product is the exact representation of the moments.


Kids are always growing, trying new things, and passing milestones throughout their growing up years. What better way to keep track of these precious moments than creating a photo book to look back at all the cute things they said and did, the amazing things they accomplished, and the wonderful people they are growing to be. Mixbook enables you and them to pick favorite colors and has plenty of kids’ designs to choose from. You can preserve the moments like when your child started walking, his first pet, and his first visit to the park.

Overall, Mixbook is the only place that can guarantee customization to your satisfaction. Do not let messy photo books ruin the moods that you were in during the time you took the photos. Tap into Mixbook today.