Some Straight forward Tactics to Shore up Content Quality

Some Straight forward Tactics to Shore up Content Quality

Almost any digital marketer would attest to the importance of content quality for long-term success. The better the content is, the more people would eventually be attracted to the brand. 

Whether we speak of content on social media, blogs, or videos, its quality is crucial in driving viewership and engagement. 

Over the years, the main marketing advice given to digital marketers is – improve content. The problem is that this advice fits in almost every scenario. Improving content in any situation will almost always lead to better results for a campaign. 

The reason this advice is not very useful is that it is difficult to implement it. Improving content is not objective advice in every case. 

When most marketers seek to improve content, they think in terms of increasing its length, covering more topics, or better yet removing passive parts in the content. 

One simple advice can mean many different things. This is the main reason why most marketers go blank when someone tells them to improve content. In this article, we suggest direct and effective techniques to improve the quality of the content. 

Never Write a Paragraph Longer than Three Lines

Nobody likes to read a long paragraph. Even avid readers prefers shorter sentences and small paragraphs. It makes for a better reading experience and can be implemented with great ease.

Rather than thinking about the various complex techniques to improve content, marketers can just update existing content and make sure no paragraph is over three lines. 

This move alone will enhance the reading experience of someone on a website and reduce key metrics like bounce rate. 

Have a Good First 100 Words

The first hundred words of any content you write are essential. For one, search engine crawlers tend to value important keywords in the first 100 words of a content higher than others. Secondly, the people reading your content would decide whether they want to read your content or go elsewhere within the first 100 words. 

Thus, after you finish writing any given article, set aside some time to write the first 100 words. This is crucial for long-form content for which a writer ideally wants a reader to stay for a longer time. Giving more attention and effort to the first 100 words can produce instantaneous results. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers some of the essentials of improving content quality. Since improving content can often be vague advice, we discuss actionable tactics which deliver promising and effective results.

About the Author – Harish Sharma is a content executive at a well-known marketing firm in Delhi. He has years of experience in content marketing and development. He also writes in-depth guest posts for, one of the best & top 10 digital marketing institutes in Delhi.