Capital Vacations Highlights Some of the Easiest Hiking Trails at The Great Smoky Mountains

Capital Vacations Highlights Some of the Easiest Hiking Trails at The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park features more than 800 square miles of hiking trails. Therefore, there is a trail here ideal for almost every type of a hiker. People can easily book resorts or lodges managed by renowned companies like Capital Vacations at the Great Smoky Mountains, and plan for a hiking trip to the region. No matter whether one is planning to go on a hike with their kids or just wants a relaxing hike in the mountains, visiting the Great Smoky Mountains would be the ideal choice.

Capital Vacations points out some of the easiest hikes at the Great Smoky Mountains

Hiking is a good way to explore scenic views while soaking in the beauty of Mother Nature and enjoying some fresh air. But not everyone is an experienced hiker. For people who are not too familiar with challenging hikes, but still desire to take part in the activity, the Great Smoky Mountains would be the perfect destination to visit. It has many short trails with mossy trees and scenic waterfall, such as:

  • The Gatlinburg Trail: One needs to start at the Sugarlands Visitor Center to take part in this short 3.9-mile roundtrip hike. It has an elevation gain of 235-feet, and hence is good for daily exercise. People may walk, run, hike, bike, or even walk their pet along the trail. If anyone wants to head to Cataract Falls, they shall find it just a half-mile away from a side trail on this hike.
  • Laurel Falls: One just has to go on a 2.3 miles roundtrip to reach the 80-foot waterfall. Having an elevation gain of 314 feet, the Laurel falls hike is among the best waterfall hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains. If people visit this area during the month of May, they can also find beautiful wildflowers bloom in the region. However, as this trail is pretty popular, one might face problems in finding space to park their car during the peak season.
  • Abrams Falls: Having an elevation gain of 675-feet, this hike is a 5.2 miles roundtrip and just requires three to four hours. While the trail is moderately difficult, it would be relatively simple to complete if the hiker is fit and active enough. Abrams Falls is considered to be an ideal hike for people interested in forest scenery. During the hike, they shall find charming forest trees, waterfalls, otters, and more.
  • Little River Trail: While walking along this 4.9 miles roundtrip trail, one can spot many otters. The trailhead starts at the Little River parking which is near to the Elkmont Campground, and passes through wildflowers, old cabins, and other intriguing trails. Little River Trail stays open throughout the year, and is a pretty popular trail option for families. This trail is home to “synchronous fireflies” that people come to view from near and far.

Hiking does not have to be difficult. One can go for simple hikes like the ones mentioned above and still have a lot of fun. Planning a holiday at the Great Smoky Mountains with Capital Vacations, and then going hiking at the simple trails in the region would be a good way to admire the nature with family and friends.